Fabric and felt animals

Sir Toby - the original
... the original for comparison.
Sir Toby
Name: Sir Toby
Year: 2013
Length: about 24 cm
Height: about 20 cm
Material: different types and web lengths of Steiff-Schulte Mohair
Eyes: Glass, brown
Features: Double neck joint for lifelike representation
Name: Strolchi
Year: 2011
Length: about 29 cm
Height: about 13 cm
Material: Steiff-Schulte Mohair
Eyes: Glass, black
Name: CoCo (adopted)
Year: 2012
Length: about 36 cm without tail
Shoulder height: about 20 cm
Material: Steiff-Schulte Mohair in in different web lengths
Eyes: Glass, black
Features: Double neck joint for lifelike representation
"Sticky" the Hedgehog
Name: "Sticky" the Hedgehog
Year: 2011
Size: a handful of hedgehog
Material: Igel-Mohair
Eyes: Glass, black
Name: Dragondor
Year: 2010
Size: about 18 cm
Length: about 46 cm
Material: Mohair, felt
Dragon Fenrir
Name: Dragon Fenrir (adopted)
Year: 2010
Length: 46 cm
Height: 18 cm
Material: Mohair, Felt
Features: black glass eyes
Dragon with Goblin "Once upon a time"
Name: Dragon with Goblin "Once upon a time"

2nd Winner of the Golden George 2009

Height: about 20 cm
Length: about 30 cm (tail curled)
Material: Felting, felted completely
Features: Glass eyes, yellow
The Howlers
Name: The Howlers
Date of Birth: November 2008
Size: about 26 cm
Material: 100% Alpaka
Eyes: Glass, black
Cuddle Bunnies
Name: Kuschelhasen
Year: 2010
Size: 22 cm
Features: Black glass eyes, Premium-Schulte Steiff Plush
Lizzie & Peter
Name: Lieschen & Peter
Date of Birth: Januar 2009
Size: ca. 30 cm
Material: Alpaca
Features: Painted glass eyes, felted nose, clothing, own production, own design, handmade wooden horse