Natural Bears

Name: Panda
Year: 2011
Seat height: about 31 cm
Material: Alpaca
Eyes: Glass, black
Features: Paws with attached bale, double neck joint, implied open mouth, felted
Name: Raccoon
Year: 2012
Size: about 64 cm (including tail)
Material: Alpaca, synth. fur (Steiff-Schulte)
Eyes: Glass, black
Features: Claws of FIMO
Name: Anuk (Inuit language: small, nice, cute)
Year: 2010
Size: 20 cm
Material: Alpaca
Augen: Glass, black
Features: Limited edition of 20 pieces
Name: Tengenek (taken from the Inuit)
Year: 2011
Size: about 24 cm
Length: about 41 cm
Material: Steiff-Schulte Mohair
Eyes: Glass, black
Features: Skeleton for realistic posture, patched bales on the paws