Pickings for the Sigriswil Bear-Festival of 2007

The second Sigriswil Bear-Festival from August 11th to August 12th of 2007 was the first bearish visit in Switzerland and an outstanding experience for us.

True to the motto "The bears are back in Sigriswil" the organizers Corinne and Frank Schröder did a very good preparatory work; a "summa cum laude"-mark for a perfect organization, which contributed a lot to a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere in a rather smooth flow.

Pickings for the Bears Sigriswiler Fest 2007

An adoptive and very interested audience amused and cavorted with splendid weather on the beautiful located exhibition site until the evening hours.

The "coronation" of the ChriLu Bears, was the award ceremony of the public competition on Sunday. The panel was honored with the 2nd place.

Pickings for the Bears Sigriswiler Fest 2007

And by the way: The Sigriswil Bear Festival has taken no later than this year's event a permanent place for bear lovers and bear makers.

The next Sigriswil Bear Festival will take place August the 9th and 10th of 2008 in Sigriswil.