Pickings of the EURO DOLL 2007

The EURODOLL competition on Septembar the 29th and 30th 2007

To anticipate first of all, we won in our category (Bear panel) the EURODOLL 2007. Our greatest wish before the competition came true.

Retrospective view of the EURO 2007 DOLL

However it was a pity that only a few exhibitors (30 participants) participated to the competition. In addition only about 250 visitors found their way to the exhibition during the two days of the event. In part it was probably caused by the lack of promotion and due to the lack of signage, that led to orientation problems for foreign visitors.

The award ceremony took place on Saturday during a "gala dinner" and a program instead and was delayed until almost 23:00.

Retrospective view of the EURO 2007 DOLL